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Contract Reviews

As a client of O’Regan Group Insurance Brokers you will enjoy a complimentary Insurance contract review service.

Contract language these days can contain conditions that are practically impossible to Insure.

Entering into these contracts, without seeking Legal Advice can have a devastating effect on your business. We can assist with the insurance conditions of the contract to identify your businesses exposures providing tailored advice and Insurance solutions to ensure any risk is minimized.

O’Regan Group Insurance Brokers has been involved in providing this service to our clients for over 18 years, so we understand how contract conditions/clauses that Mining Companies, head contractors and the like can impose on you. The majority of contracts in circulation today are written to protect the party you contract to and will request clauses such as, but not limited to

Blanket contractual liability

Principal’s Indemnity with cross liability clause

Full Waiver of Subrogation

Insurance must be ‘Primary’ to all others

It is imperative that your insurance programme reflects the obligation and requirements of all your contracts.

We also can provide assistance with external legal advice on all contractual matters.

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